Our services are generally facilities management, supplying chain management, general office support services and equipment procurement. In our business niche area, we have developed unparalleled industry knowledge, techniques and data sources. This gives us a head start in service delivery to our selected clientele whether government or private. We work with client to identity solution to the problem they face and implement the solutions.


We offer a complete range of services for the maintenance of buildings and its components. Among the many services our experience team provide are: We provide civil works related to building maintenance services. Our civil maintenance team performs activities, which include:

  • Earth Works.
  • Masonry Works.
  • Carpentry Works.
  • Painting Works.
  • Plumping & Water Treatment.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant.
  • Periodic checks of all areas for damaged ceilings carpet ties and glazing etc.
  • Maintenance of building structures and components (walls, ceilings, windows, doors, locks, roofs, stairs etc.)
  • Maintenance and repair furniture.
  • Renovation and/or modification of building facility.
  • Painting Works etc.


We are one of the best leading aluminum and steel fabricators in Nigeria. We specialize in supplying and fitting automatic doors, windows, main entrance, structural glazing, shower cubicles, office partitions and cladding in all types of premises and have gained a reputation for professionalism and quality. We specialize in a range of architectural products and services to meet the needs of Nigeria markets. Our customized architectural services are known for its aesthetics, durability, strength, workmanship and quality and are referred by a range of business establishments, banks, schools, religious organizations, supermarkets, individual homeowners and contractors.We also offer a wide variety of partitioning, depending upon your requirements.


Scope of work generally consists of all works necessary and incidental to ensure the successful provision and maintenance of air-conditioners at our clients’ locations. This may include removal and relocation. Our services is the maintenance of Air-conditioning includes:

  • The preventive maintenance of AC units, which includes wall type, split type (wall and floor mounted), package units, cassette units and chillers.
  • The preventive maintenance of stand- alone/free blow package AC units of various capacities.
  • Operation of routine maintenance on central AC systems.
  • The preventive maintenance of central AC systems.
  • The breakdown maintenance of the Air-conditioning and refrigerating systems whenever required.
  • Routine maintenance activities include but not limited to cleaning, flushing, greasing etc of air ducts, supply and return grills, AHU coils/ fins, blowers etc.


Scope of work generally consists of work pertaining to the provision of maintenance services for electrical systems.

  • Repair and / or replacement of all defective electrical items (including but not limited to lighting fitting & accessories, pumping machines etc.)
  • Routine maintenance distribution boxes, extractor fans and the electrical cable network.
  • Maintenance and stocking of critical spares as might be required by our clients.
  • Provision of non- critical spares as might be required by our clients.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of HT, MV, LV & AMF in timely manner.
  • Provision of preventive and corrective maintenance for UPS systems.
  • Installation, Management and payment of DSTV subscription.
  • Provision of electrical engineering design for electrical systems as might be required.
  • Manage earthling, phase reversal and electrical surges in a building.

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